Basic First Aid - 5 Essentials to Know in Case of an Emergency

Basic First Aid

There is a benefit to everyone having basic first aid knowledge, at the very minimum. Although not every single person will take the time to do their first aid course, we want to give you a few basic tips towards assessing a situation and being aware of what should be happening. Keep in mind, in order to get more in depth, life-saving knowledge, sign up for your occupational first aid level 1 or 2 today.

The 3 P's 

The first basic first aid tip is to look at the entire situation and think about the "3 P's" which include: preserve, prevent additional injury and promote recovery. Furthermore, this means you should first ensure you do what you need to do to ensure you save the person's life. Secondly, you need to prevent any further injury that could occur after the initial incident. Lastly, help the injured individual recover to the best of your ability. 

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Keep Yourself Safe

This basic first aid tip may seem odd at first, but it'll make sense if someone ever requires your help. If an incident occurs to someone else in any setting, there is a good chance you could also be at danger. If you get injured as well, you're only making the situation worse and will not be able to offer your assistance. There could likely also be limited help in the area, perhaps not enough for you. Stay calm and keep yourself safe, everyone benefits. 

CPR Basic First Aid 

CPR is a valuable skill that tends to stick with most people for awhile after learning how to do it the first time. Although CPR could be considered basic first aid, it's important to learn and practice it from a professional in a physical setting. Additionally, performing it incorrectly could cause more damage than harm in many situations. Enrol in a first aid course today to learn the proper way to perform first aid. 

Cut Wounds 

Cuts and scrapes are a very common, more so on a minor level. Regardless, if an open wound isn't treated correctly, it could end up infected or sometimes worse. Depending on the extent of the injury, a basic first aid tip is you'll want to apply some pressure to the wound, clean it using the right products, and cover using a bandage. For more serious injuries, simply apply pressure and get professional help. 

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Basic First Aid for Sprained Joints

Sprains are quite common as well, especially for athletes of all sorts. If a sprain occurs, applying ice periodically will help to reduce swelling. There isn't lots that you can do other than encourage the injured person to avoid using that limb for awhile. For example, if you sprain your ankle, do not try and walk on it immediately. 

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Take Your Basic First Aid Training

We hope we've helped give a base level of knowledge, but we still strongly recommend you get certified in order to learn specific details regarding assisting someone in need. If you're looking for a place to take a variety of first aid courses, or just your basic first aid, contact Primary Care First Aid today to book your course. You truly never know when you might need it.