First Aid Training - 5 Jobs That Should Have Their First Aid

First Aid Training

We truly believe that the world would be a better, safer place if everyone in it had first aid training under their belt. Although this is very aspirational, we've considered a few types of jobs that would greatly benefit from obtaining first aid training. The best part is that the process to obtain this training is very affordable and does not demand lots of time, depending on which course you choose to take. 

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Construction & Other Trades

People who work in construction and other trades will benefit greatly from first aid training. Perhaps it's even one of the work places that benefits the most out of all work places. The overall trades industry requires workers to risk their safety every single day. Although almost all of these workers are trained on safety protocol and ways to minimize risk, accidents unfortunately still happen. Accidents of all sizes. The chances of another worker requiring some level of first aid is incrementally higher than most other places of work. For this reason, if you're a worker in the construction industry or any other trade for that matter, you should seriously consider first aid training. There's also a good chance the company you work for will even pay for you to obtain the training. 

Restaurant Workers  

Restaurants are places where customers go to enjoy a delicious meal that they didn't have to prepare, cook, or plan. Perhaps this is why so many people choose to eat in these establishments. Considering the circumstance, you never know when someone may consume some type of food that they're allergic to and require immediate attention. Additionally, when food is prepared, often things like sharp knives are utilized along with hot surfaces and open flames. This simply raises the possibility of an accident happening and someone requiring first aid attention. First aid training can also be a valuable asset if you're looking to enter the restaurant industry. 

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When teachers obtain their first aid training, they're providing safety and piece of mind to many children, family and friends. Teachers see a lot of children every single day and often children may not always be the most cautious day to day. Whether it's an allergy, a cut, bruise or a fall, having the knowledge to be able to care for anyone, anytime, is extremely valuable. 

Office Workers

If you work out of an office, there are likely a large number of people around you. Depending where you live, some buildings can have well over 100 occupants per floor, multiplied by many floors. That end up being a lot of people in a small space. Although there are typically no real high risk situations that occur within office buildings, the quantity of people alone should be enough for you to see value in first aid training. Similar to many other places, you never know when  an accident could occur or a health condition could pop up for someone. Regardless the reason, first aid training can be extremely valuable if it is ever utilized. 

Shopping Malls

Similar to the previous point about high traffic offices, malls also experience a high frequency of traffic and people coming in and out almost every single day of the year. In addition to food courts and any other experiences a mall might offer, first aid training is a great asset to have in case of a medical emergency. 

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First Aid Training

It's also important to know that first aid training will be beneficial in almost any job or work place setting. As previously mentioned, you never know when a medical issue could happen. Primary Care First Aid offers all levels of training, from your basic first aid level 1 and level 2, to all sorts of specialized training. Give Primary Care First Aid a call today and book your appointment.