Respirator Mask Fit Testing

Respirator Mask Fit Testing

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***Due to the shortage of PPE from COVID-19, Primary Care First Aid is unable to provide N95 masks for Qualitative Fit Testing at this time. If you would like to get fit tested on your own N95 mask please contact us directly. We can test any respirator that you have access to in your workplace.***

Our 20 minute Respiratory Mask Fit Testing (Qualitative) for healthcare professionals is conducted in accordance with CSA standards, and in compliance with occupational health and safety codes. You will be tested for an N95 mask (either 3M N95 1860, 1860S and 1870+) qualitative respiratory mask fit test. You will receive a sensitivity test and fit test, as well as safety donning, doffing, and user seal instructions.


15 minutes prior to the fitting please do not drink, eat, smoke or chew gum.  Facial hair that could come into contact with the seal of the mask must be removed as well.

Comes with 1 year certification.  Annual retesting is mandatory for most professions to ensure that the mask seal remains effective.