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Primary Care First Aid

With Primary Care First Aid, you'll be getting first aid instruction from experienced fire firefighter personnel with real life experience. 

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First Aid Certification In B.C.

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First Aid course in Surrey

Complete Your CPR or First Aid Course In Surrey

Benefits of Taking Your CPR or Your First Aid Course in Surrey

Why Should I Get My CPR or First Aid Certificate?

There are a lot of benefits that come with taking an up to date CPR or first aid course in Surrey whether you’re a student, employee or business owner.

🚨 The cost of taking a CPR or first aid course in Surrey is nothing compared to the potential of saving the life of a colleague or a loved one.

🚨 As a business owner, it can be a great team building opportunity that will teach your employees a valuable skill and will also cover any WorkSafeBC requirements you may need.

🚨 Having these skills will allow you to react faster in case of someone around you with an illness or injury. It might not only save their lives but can also greatly reduce the recovery time of the person you helped.

🚨 Taking a CPR or first aid course in Surrey will reduce the risks of workplace incidents. By being more conscious of potential dangers, the risk of getting hurt is significantly reduced.

🚨 A CPR or first aid course in Surrey does not only teach you how to treat someone, it also gives you the confidence to manage emergencies. It is a valuable skill to have in the workplace and in your everyday life.

First Aid course in Surrey

Primary Care First Aid is the official first aid training provider for:

What classes do we offer?

First Aid course in Surrey

Who can get Take a CPR or First Aid Course in Surrey?

We are teaching students that are coming from a wide variety of occupations and industries. One of our biggest strengths is that we tailor each class to those specific jobs or industries. Our fun and engaging classes make getting your CPR or first aid course in Surrey easy. We are here to give our students the confidence to step in and help someone when it matters most. Our students are from all walks of life. At Primary Care First Aid, everyone is always welcome to learn.

Who is Primary Care First Aid?

The Primary Care First Aid team consists of a group of professional first responders who offer CPR and first aid course in Surrey at a variety of levels through both WorkSafeBC and the Canadian Red Cross.

All of our instructors are either full time firefighters, police officers or paramedics who have a vast background in emergency situations and can pass on what a real-life emergency is actually like. Learn from experienced professionals with Primary Care First Aid!
We offer public courses out of our classroom locations and can also offer mobile first aid training services at your work, school or even at home. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality courses in a simple and fun environment. Sign up today to get your first aid course in Surrey.